Friday, November 3, 2006

The Vu scale

Many of you probably have heard about the Kinsey scale which measures sexual orientation. I myself have decided to create a scale called “Vu scale” which attempts to measure people's appetite for cinema (or cine orientation). The scale is as follows:

1 - Cinephobe
You hate movies with passion. You don't understand why the freak people would spend millions of dollars to make some piece of shit that they call art form or entertainment.

2 - Cineflexible
You don't really get the love of cinelovers/cinephiles but it doesn't hurt to watch a movie once in a while.

3 - Cinegoer
You are neutral, neither hate nor obsessed about movies.

4 - Cinelover
You love movies. Period.

5 - Cinephile (a.k.a cine-slave, cine-freak, cine-whore, cine-maniac, cine-fanatic, cine-fundamentalist, cine-junkie... you name it)
Life without movies is like life without oxygen. You totally surrender yourself to the moment a movie starts. Words can't express your passion for movies.

I borderline between 4 and 5 coz I don't believe much in absolution but I'm effing obsessed with movies so a rating of 5 seems more appropriate.

Which team are you on?


  1. between 3 and 4 *blush*

  2. hehehe, bi gio moi biet la minh cung ho voi vanity. So sexy! ;-)

  3. Task-force 4 present!