Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Goodbye my lover

I refuse to say goodbye. I don't accept it! How could life be so cruel??? I'm shattered, heartbroken.

Veronica Mars is officially cancelled

What the hell The CW were thinking when they renew the fucks of Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill but not this highly critically acclaimed drama? OK, I don't hate OTH, it's actually my guilty pleasure but I would trade that for VM in a heartbeat. I'm not exactly sad due to its ending because all shows (except for soaps) will end eventually but because it's too short-lived (only 3 seasons). It's one of the best shows I've ever seen and in the words of crazy Kevin Smith's "proof that TV can be far better than cinema". Somehow VM reminds me of Twin Peaks but without the surreal element. The first season is mindblowing, a groundbreaker; 2nd season is a bit contrived and pale compared to the 1st season but still freaking awsome; 3rd season seems promising (have seen only the first few episodes). VM's mysteries are not some corny or cliché-ridden teen slashers where a psycho jumps out of nowhere and kills good-looking teenagers for no apparent reasons. Instead cases are presented to tackle social or family issues such as peer pressure, cults, rape, infidelity, bully, sexual abuse, etc. Veronica Mars isn't your ordinary "female TV icon" either. She's not striking looking, desperate for boy/sex drama or highly fashion-concious. Instead she's an outcast, terribly cynical, feisty and smart. Fortunately I still have a week to numb my pain before the exam period starts.

It's a very, very mad world...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Will the next Carrie Bradshaw please stand up?

From the creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star, comes Cashmere Mafia, a one-hour drama revolves around the lives of 4 glamorous career women which is expected to reign the success of its predecessor. I have high hope for Lucy Liu in the leading role to be the next female TV icon. She's so freaking crazy/sexy/cool!

According to Darren, Cashmere Mafia will have a more mature spin than SATC with a focus on the women's careers (yeah, right, careers with sex in office).

From the preview clip, I adore quirky Lucy Liu and lovely Frances O'Connor. Not that impressed with Miranda Otto so I guess she will be the mature one of the group. Bonnie Somerville is a bit plain, probably a blah blond. Funnily, this group also has women of 3 different hair colours: brunette, blond, redhead, just like SATC.

NBC's highly anticipated Lipstick Jungle, adapted from the novel of the same title by Candace Bushnell, will rival with Cashmere Mafia this Fall season. According to Slate Magazine, "if the [preview] clip is at all representative, the show will consist of Brooke Shields and her clique of high-powered female friends walking in uncomfortable shoes, but also sitting down (either on sofas or behind desks), hooking up, and dropping brand names." Ha! Brooke Shields, in the leading role, is also generating buzz to be the new Bradshaw. I haven't seen any movie in which Brooke is in and all I know is that she got into a bitch fight with Tom Cruise over the use of therapy and drugs to cure postpartum depression. Whatever, Lucy had me at "Ní hảo".

So bring on the star deathmatch: Lucy Liu vs Brooke Shields
TV deathmatch: Cashmere Mafia vs Lipstick Jungle
& drama queen deathmatch: Darren Star vs Candace Bushnell

Sunday, May 6, 2007

If I don't have IDOL

Vietnam Idol (why not "Vietnamese Idol"?) sắp trình làng rồi, khá là nóng lòng không biết nó sẽ ra sao. Ngồi điểm mấy cái Idol nhận ra bài "I have nothing" được các em gái ưa chuộng xào đi xào lại. Tuy nhiên, đây là một bài hát đòi hỏi diva voice nên có thể sẽ wow khán giả, hoặc sẽ bomb thê thảm. Cũng may chưa có em nào quá tệ. Dưới đây là danh sách những em đã cover bài này rồi kèm theo đánh giá chủ quan của mình:

The Good

Ricki-Lee Coulter (Australian Idol 2)
Giọng vang, hơi khàn, nhất là đoạn "Don't make me close one more door, I don't wanna hurt anymore" cảm thấy em đó rất vulnearable. Mặc dù không ưa em này hồi xem Australian Idol season 2 nhưng rất khoái và xếp performance này đầu tiên vì cảm thấy nó có cảm xúc nhất.

Leona Lewis (The X-Factor 3)
Đoạn cuối em ấy bẻ note, choáng!
P.S: nước da em này đẹp thế

Leah LaBelle (American Idol 3)
Nghe quai quái, key arrangement cũng thay đổi. Cho điểm về mặt originality

Vonzell Solomon (American Idol 4)
Hát chuẩn, giọng khoẻ. Version của em này có vẻ popular nhất, được rất nhiều người xếp là no.1

Lakisha Jones (American Idol 6)
Giọng ấm, vang, classic style.

The Huh

Trenyce Cobbins (American Idol 2)
Giọng em này khỏe theo kiểu mệt người. Mở đầu hay nhưng về sau hát nhanh như bị ma đuổi vậy nên người nghe không kịp có cảm xúc.

Jennifer Hudson (American Idol 3)
Em này đúng là abuse giọng khỏe nên gần như là gào chứ không còn là hát nữa.

The Blah

Katherine McPhee (American Idol 5)
Giọng thường, this song is too big for her! But hey, she's pretty (trông giống Jacinda Barrett ghê) so she can get away with it. Những ai có McPheever chắc là nghe bằng mắt.

Maria Haukaas Storeng (Norwegian Idol 2)
Giọng không đủ khỏe nên lên gân quá độ, em này nhăn nhó trông đau khổ hết sức.

Bài này đòi hỏi phải có giọng khỏe nên thành ra các bạn da đen rất có lợi thế. Why does every black have such a good voice???