Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Goodbye my lover

I refuse to say goodbye. I don't accept it! How could life be so cruel??? I'm shattered, heartbroken.

Veronica Mars is officially cancelled

What the hell The CW were thinking when they renew the fucks of Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill but not this highly critically acclaimed drama? OK, I don't hate OTH, it's actually my guilty pleasure but I would trade that for VM in a heartbeat. I'm not exactly sad due to its ending because all shows (except for soaps) will end eventually but because it's too short-lived (only 3 seasons). It's one of the best shows I've ever seen and in the words of crazy Kevin Smith's "proof that TV can be far better than cinema". Somehow VM reminds me of Twin Peaks but without the surreal element. The first season is mindblowing, a groundbreaker; 2nd season is a bit contrived and pale compared to the 1st season but still freaking awsome; 3rd season seems promising (have seen only the first few episodes). VM's mysteries are not some corny or cliché-ridden teen slashers where a psycho jumps out of nowhere and kills good-looking teenagers for no apparent reasons. Instead cases are presented to tackle social or family issues such as peer pressure, cults, rape, infidelity, bully, sexual abuse, etc. Veronica Mars isn't your ordinary "female TV icon" either. She's not striking looking, desperate for boy/sex drama or highly fashion-concious. Instead she's an outcast, terribly cynical, feisty and smart. Fortunately I still have a week to numb my pain before the exam period starts.

It's a very, very mad world...

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