Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cute ewww

Asian pop culture, especially Japanese, seems to have an obsession with “cute”-ness but I personally dislike that word for the following reasons:
- Sounds so vague, even dogs are cute
- Sounds pedophiliac to me
- It can be a pity word for ugly people
- It’s overused. Sometimes a girl sees a rugged, square-jawed, six-packed, burning hot guy and still calls him “cute”. WTF?

Alright “cute” isn’t bad, there are real cuties like The O.C’s Seth Cohen whom I adore to pieces but I generally tend to avoid using that word. I once wore a smoking tube top and a lady friend of mine still called me “cute”. I was like “What the hell! Do I need to rip my clothes off so that you will stop calling me “cute”?" If I had been wearing a Hello Kitty shirt it would have been a different matter to me. Or being called "fucking cute".

Funnily from the info I gathered on the internet, girls like being called cute but guys hate being called so.

In my book:

Sexyexudes sensuality, has special charm
e.g French women, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

HotI wanna bang you on the spot
e.g Italian guys, Calvin Klein underwear models

Cuteclose to pretty or may be used to describe bubbly personality but can also extend to animals
e.g: Audrey Tautou, Paris Hilton, oops, I mean her chihuahuas

Prettygood-looking in a prepubescent or teenagerish way
e.g: Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom

Beautiful (woman) & handsome (men) – good-looking in an “adult” way
e.g Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise

Gorgeous can be used to describe both men & women, close to beautiful & handsome

Of couse, the definitions can easily overlap sometimes like Jolie is sexy, hot, beautiful but I can hardly describe her as “cute”.

To me, sexy > hot > cute. Doesn’t always work that way but that’s generally my rule.

OK, enough with the rambling. Do you like being called cute? How do you most want to be called?


  1. ha ha, your bitchiness is so CUTE =P

  2. I just wanna rip her head open to see what makes this girl so Cutely bitchy.

  3. Hehe, I like your defitions and examples. I guess them right. So what do you want to be called: sexy, hot?
    I've been called cute too. And yeah, I don't like it. Some even calls me boy-faced and means it as a compliment, huhu.

  4. Upload some more pics, hot sexy cutie!

  5. Sexy! 'Cause it's SEXy. But I can settle for "hot" :D

  6. Will upload some "too hot to handle" pictures of me on my graduation day ;)