Thursday, June 21, 2007

Since it's so hot going to jail now

... I think Angelina should be arrested. She's utterly, insanely, illegally gorgeous!

Seriously, Angelina at Cannes 2007:

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

Angelina and her tatoos

I'm not a fan of tatoos but I think Angelina makes them oozingly sexy

Angelina and some random salesman

OK, I know Brad Pitt was voted the "sexiest man alive" twice by People magazine but he looks like a tool next to Angelina. Have never liked him but disliked him even more since he got it on with her. Lucky bastard!

Angelina in a St. John ad:

She could even send Kmart sales rocketing if she ever did a charity ad for them.

Uhm, I need a cold shower...


  1. So you like Angie better than Brad ;))

  2. Angelina, you are a woman to love!

  3. ui!!! em cung thich Angelina lam chi ah!!!! cang ngay cang thich ah!!!