Friday, March 23, 2007

Ugly Betty - "You make my palms sweat"

"You do take my breath away. You make my heart beat faster. You make my palms sweat. But that doesn't mean I don't love you. It means I do. Sometimes your heart knows things your mind can't explain. And my heart doesn't race for anyone else. I love you, Sofia."

Sexy ManWhore Daniel Meade finally realizes that there is a difference between having his *thingy* and his palms sweat which translates to his feelings for Sofia as love (opposed to hormone, sex craving for hot secretaries, models, etc.). Meanwhile, hot secretary bitch Amanda finally realizes that her love for Daniel is a one way street. The ring slipping from Amanda’s finger implies her discreet deep feeling for Daniel (sweaty palms) and the fantasy world she's been building is drifting away. And supercouple love nerds Betty & Henry radiate the sexiest eye-shag in the history of eye-shags, finally realize that they are destined for each other. I’m sure they will produce a lot of cute nerds for Mode or the accounting department. *Squee*

From Ugly BettySeason 1 Episode 10 “Fake Plastic Snow”

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