Saturday, September 1, 2007

Love and Disfigurement

I started thinking more about this topic since I got into a 'lil fight with my flatmate and her b/f as we were watching Fantastic Four. (Sorry for spoiling some parts to those who haven't seen it). Basically a guy in the Fantastic 4 became a large, rock-like creature. His disfigurement caused his wife to abandon him but he later found love with a blind woman. I commented that seemed like only blind people could love a disfigured person. OK, I have nothing against disfigured people. I can be friends with, love them in a non-romantic way. Or I can remain loving someone after they become disfigured. But I just can't imagine loving someone who has been already disfigured. Maybe I'm superficial or whatever but part of love, of attraction is the physical aspect, right? I'm not saying they have to be Greek-god looking but at least not making me afraid to look at. Just think about disfigured people in classic literature such as the Hunchback or the Phantom, they both have unrequited love or in Fantastic 4 the writers have to resort to the idea of the love object is a blind woman so it is more believable.

Anyway my flatmate (let's call her A) told me that was so mean. Her b/f (call him B) said what inside was what counted (cliché at best!!!). I asked him: "Would you love A if she were disfigured?" He didn't answer and A was sulking that it was a mean question. Well, either I'm mean or they are naive/hypocritical. Or both.


  1. Do you remember "Open your Eyes"? Do you remember this guy?
    Have you seen "King and the Clown"? Do you remember what the young guy did after the older guy had become blind?
    Well, I think that when a beloved person getting disfigured you can continue to love him/her. It's more difficult if you meet a disfigured person and try to love him/her. In the latter case, the inner quality counts for your love or you must have a fetish for disfigured people.

  2. Em thích câu hỏi của chị:D

  3. As** is pretty naive and PC, while Ad*** was pretty honest in not answering. Hah!