Sunday, November 25, 2007

To move or not to move

OK, I'm sooo fucking pissed off right now. My friend/flatmate's boyfriend is a fucking annoying douchebag that I have put up with for so long. First I tried to be nice with him, later on I gave up and started ignoring him. Doesn't work. I still have to see him everyday coz he's a loser latching on his g/f day and night. I don't mind that he practically lives in the apartment without paying any rent but I can't stand living with someone cocky and aggressive. He can be nice sometimes but his attitude just annoys the fuck out of me most of the time. Not just me but the girl living in this apartment before me also had problems with him. As I haven't got a proper full-time job, I can't move out just yet. And even if I have (which hopefully will be soon), I still have to put a lot of thought into it because right now I'm not paying much for the rent and it's a nice apartment.

If you were in my situation, would you decide to move out or put up with it?

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