Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vietnam's Next Top Plus-size Model

This "editorial shot" was taken out of spontaneity while I was on the couch and fiddling with my new cell phone (the awesome SE Mysterious Green s500i). The frame is fun but could have been cooler if it were "Vogue" or "Harper's Bazaar" instead of "Chique".

The moment was inspired by... this photo:

Australia's Next Top Model 2007 - Alice Burdeu

I know it's a long way but hey, I've got no modeling experience

Gotta get back to watch the hamsters on ANTM kiss Tyra's fat ass now. Au revoir, bitches!


  1. Em này nhìn giống Nicole Kidman vãi.
    Còn em phía trên nhìn giống Tàu Khựa vãi. Hehehe.

  2. You look suicidal, babe!

  3. <-- Punch Marcus in the face ;)
    Em Alice đó nhìn xa hơi giống Nicole thật chứ nhìn gần thì không. AusNTM has become less shit since she was on that show. Now she's a rising supermodel that might rival Gemma Ward's success. Love love her <3