Friday, April 6, 2007

The F Word

People try to use euphemisms such as “curvy”, “voluptuous”, “full-figured”, “big”, “healthy” to try cover the fact that they are, well… FAT. Yes, you’ve heard me, FAT!

I remember when I was little, I could comment on people being fat, skinny, average… without giving much thought into it. But with the “size 0” outcry debate, people suddenly start attacking thin chicks and praising “healthy” figure women. There has been a double standard when it comes to sizes. It’s perfectly OK to say “she’s so skinny that’s disgusting” but it is offensive to say “she’s so fat that’s gross”. If they are so proud of their figures, why don’t they just gladly accept that they are fat? (I’m talking about women who are above American size 10). Or are they embarrassed deep inside that they don’t think fatness and beauty come together? Has “fat” become a taboo word? I can’t get why people, mainly women, keep bringing down a girl like Mischa Barton for being “anorexic”. I don’t think she is anorexic, slim or may be thin, but not anorexic. Anorexic is another story ‘cause in my mind an anorexic is someone who looks extremely, disturbingly skinny.

I find it ironic that while we are fed with the message “be who you are” or “love your body”, yet 99% women featured in women magazines are slim to ultra thin. So we have these two messages:
- being thin is beautiful
- being thin is bad/anorexic/disgusting

Besides bitching about thin girls, there has been a growing uproar for larger women on fashion shows. Unless that girl is seriously skinny, like a pre-rehab Olsen, I don’t see the problem with a skinny chick. I personally think the ideal shape would be Victoria’s Secret girls ‘cause they have more meat than high fashion models but clothes on catwalk indeed look better on thin (and tall) chicks. A large woman would distract viewers from the clothes.

We know that most of men do like meat (ass + boobs) on women (they have been simple like that since the cave age) so why do women need to keep bitching? I can only think of jealousy. Otherwise what’s the reason? As long as you’re not overweight, men wouldn’t pressure you to be a “size 0”. And for the anorexia issue, anorexia stems from a personal choice to stop eating, quite similar to obesity from eating too much. And if you are a model who isn’t naturally slim and can’t cope with the pressure of being slim then quit the modeling industry, it is not gonna be the end of the world. Media, fast food and fashion can’t be wholly blamed for these problems. It’s after all their personal choice. Just like the ideal Asian beauty is having double eyelids but I refuse to have a double eyelid surgery. You just can’t let media or fashion dictate your personal perception of beauty.

I’m neither skinny or overweight so this is written from a neutral point of view. I’m NO WAY pro-ana or pro-mia but I’m pretty fed up with this whole political correctness, double standard and bitterness when it comes to sizes.


    Happy Easter.

  2. Since size 0 becomes the new 2 and size 6 becomes the new... 14, I'm embracing every inch of my 14 fatness :D
    Happy Easter too, babe! Do Jesus proud!