Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jolie, what are you doing on America's Next Top Model?

I was amazed to see how frighteningly this ANTM contestant resembles Angelina Jolie in this photo!

The girl in the photo is Russian born Natasha Ivanova (talk about stereotype). She was 18 when she married her 40 year old husband and then moved to America (cue: mail bride order & green card). Talk about double stereotype! And did I even mention she has a funny cute accent?

I haven't seen any episode of ANTM cycle 8 but I'm sure her chance of winning the title is as much as a plus-size model.

Anyway, she looks smoking hot in that "deadly crime scene" photo. Gosh, how could I find a dead-looking person hot? Do I have a necrophiliac tendency???

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